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A Night to Remember (1958): Film reactions and thoughts generally on the Titanic sinking

A Night To Remember Alright, so this isn't the usual happy Kdrama fare I go through, but ever since I came across ship sinking YouTube videos my feed has been pushing me towards more and more Titanic and other sad sinking events, until I felt compelled to watch this 1958 black and white movie rendition of the sinking (on top of a million National Geographic, History Channel, and other clips on the actual event, including a rather morbid real-time CGI recreation of the sinking , complete with screams at the end 😨. Wow will I never be able to forget the final 2 minutes when it feels like everything happens at once).  This film actually isn't as horrific as the latter, despite featuring an impressive cinematic recreation of the event (honestly, the production quality is truly impressive if you consider the day and age this was made). 

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