Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

So as all of you probably figured, I'm a huge Park Shi Hoo fan, and for valid reasons, as I've rarely seen a better actor with a more scene-stealing, charming on-screen persona than the one he exudes. And unlike other actors who have maybe one compelling role and then a bunch of mediocre, dry pieces (Joe Cheng, along with pretty much all other kdrama male leads), PSH is incredibly consistent. That's why despite two attempts to sidekick him into a second-lead role, his charisma wins over fans and he edges right up over the initial male lead.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dream High

Although I feel a bit too grown-up now for high school dramas, I thought I'd give Dream High a try due to the heavily positive reviews online, and because the cast was interesting (I enjoyed Taecyeon in Cinderella's Sister as well as Ham Eun Jung in Coffee House). I ultimately feel that it wasn't my sort of drama, but I can appreciate certain aspects about it. The music is pretty good and very addicting (I like the Dream High theme song), the characters are very pretty if not all convincing, and the story breaks out of the kdrama norm in several respects, notably via the female lead's unlikeable personality at the beginning and the departure from the first-love-is-forever type of storyline.