Me Too, Flower: Episodes 5-7 Thoughts

Me Too, Flower remains by far my favorite drama right now, as the acting is fantastic, the romance a perfect mesh of humor and heat, and the characters almost all beautifully written. However, it also puts me in two states of minds. Certain parts are so nicely constructed, original, and funny that I can't step away, but others are overloaded with cliche angst and noble idiocy, making me want to slap the screen. Episodes 5-7 really encompass that. The purse-losing storyline was boring, unnecessary, and such a filler piece in 5. But then 6 came along, and we got some awesome development in the relationship between our leads, with the perfect mix of sizzle, sadness, and progression.

And then 7 - awful. Way too much time spent on Ah-In and his mom, who are currently my most hated characters. Great job in inserting that kid in to rouse the angst. I now despise the little boy, through no fault of his own except that he's part of the clinging mess that's keeping Jae Hee from moving forward. Not to mention I could've done with less shrill screaming in that needle scene (uh- did they even use the anesthesia?) and the REALLY FAKE call-outs for his dad. The kid's never had a dad, so why the hell would he be calling for a mysterious, nonexistent father instead of his mother or "samchon"? Talk about nonsensical angst. 

The child actors in this show are as a whole pretty terrible, notably that screaming crying girl that played Bong Sun as a youth. Why do people always scream when they cry in this show? Aren't they aware of how much more lovely, touching, and less in-your-face silent tears down the cheek are? Adult Bong Sun and Jae Hee are perhaps the only exception - our other two lady leads have no problem making the people around them deaf.

As for Ah-In's mom (don't remember and don't care to remember her name), she needs to grow up. She was so calm and collected when we first meet her, but now she's a desperate and deceitful bitch. Jae Hee is far too young and awesome for her, but of course we know she's going to totally milk his guilt for as long as possible. And her whole spiel to the doctor guy about how she hated Jae Hee and wants to rip apart his soul was just not cool. She was there, she knew it was an accident, and frankly, her ex-husband was a dumbass for sticking his body between two giant moving vehicles. Maybe he was trying to commit suicide in order to escape her? Wouldn't blame the man.

Aside from the noble stupidity, I still love Jae Hee as a character. His complexity really shines through in this portion of the series, as we finally understand his past. YSY is also perfect in this role. He wows me more than any of the rest of the cast in terms of his pitch-perfect acting and understanding of his character. Why wasn't he as awesome in Baker King? Not to mention how much better his hair is here. It's doing a fine job of adding years and attractiveness to him - please never go back to that black mullet style.

Lee Jia is also converting me into a fan. Her character is great, and she's also doing an excellent job with the portrayal of Bong Sun's harsh exterior over a soft, battered interior. It helps that Bong Sun is an awesome mix of dry humor with sensitivity. She probably ranks as one of my favorite drama heroines of the year. I only hope that the writer doesn't decide to shoot her up with some irrationality and stupidity as he's doing with Jae Hee. 

As for the other secondary characters, Seo Hyo Rim's spoiled brat is actually gaining my sympathy. Her elevator teary scene managed to convey to us just why she is the way she is. A previously-rich poor girl who, despite her behavior, is evidently aware of the futility of her rich bachelor hunt is actually quite sympathetic. She's not simply a brainless twit, but merely a girl trying to find happiness the only way that she knows how. 

I don't like the doctor guy, and I cringe at the thought of him being a second male lead. Pink Chicken/cop boy is way better! Firstly, the doctor's just kind of old and ugly, if you pardon my shallowness. He really does look and act like a pervert, hitting on girls who are literally over a decade younger. He's also just annoying. The way he talks, his jokes that aren't really funny, and his overall failure as a psychologist (yeah, his lines are mostly bullshit) adds to how much I dislike him. The whole boohoo I was a former addict just felt fake and forced to me, like some lame attempt by the writer to add dimension to an otherwise useless character. Please please step away from our main pairing, and don't end up with Dal either (she's too young, too pretty, and too great of a character to end up with a pudding-faced perv character like him).  

And another one of my favorite comedy scenes in this portion: the Pink Chicken chase. HAHAH

And the episode 6 kiss scene - seriously ranks as one of the hottest and longest drama kisses I've ever watched. The music was from part 1 of the OST, Dreaming by Beast.

Heh - the observers' shocked expressions (especially those two girls in the first pic) were half the fun
Overall, I still adore the series, but the writer is beginning to frustrate me. Maybe because he hasn't written anything since What's Up, Fox in 2006, but he relies heavily on overused cliches to fill in parts of the story, like forcefully separating our main pair through the whole "obligation" gimmick. The humor is great, but the meat is a bit dry, with lots of repeated motifs. Even Jae Hee's whole car accident past is pretty much Sam-Shik's car accident reframed. So instead of killing the entire family, the woman is left alive to serve as a story pain in the ass.

Fun fact: I noticed that the same two girl extras were used in episode 4 during the bus stop scene, and then again in the episode 6 kiss. One's even wearing the same thing. Observe:

I have to say I'm kind of jealous of the job. They get to sit back and observe the fun stuff live.


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