Love Rain: Episodes 1-2

Love Rain is like a pretty shell with no substance. The beautifully shot, soft-spoken exterior tries to mask an essentially empty interior. If I simply turn off my brain and stare at the screen, it's a smooth and pleasant ride. If I try to actually make sense of anything the characters do, I end up frustrated and confused.

The acting is actually not bad, and Yoona/Jang Geun Seuk have a lovely, delicate chemistry. It's purely the characters and writing that kill this. No matter how heart-thuddingly gorgeous Jang is when unhappy, his boneless, pathetic excuse of a character leaves me unwilling to offer any sympathy.

Yoona is actually surprising. I think the role of quiet, pretty love suits her better than modern hard woman. Her voice is perfectly delicate, and her super thin frame only enhances this. I was surprised to see her also believably tear up in a few scenes.

Unfortunately, everyone here is pretty much 2-D. The main characters are shy to the point of stupidity, while their so-called friends are obtuse, obnoxious and selfish jerkoffs. I hated all of their friends, and frankly had little sympathy for the leads, since all of their problems are caused by themselves.

I'll probably still watch it for a bit because I'm curious if the kids magically get spines from their other parents. I'm eager for this parent portion to finish, because as evocative as the environment is, there's only so much doomed-romance I can take.


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