Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Gentleman's Dignity: Halfway Review

This is hands down one of the most boring dramas I've ever gotten so far through. It's soooo pointless and circular that despite all the pretty, I've decided I need to stop before my brain withers away. There's absolutely no direction or soul to this show - flaunt all the pretty older ladies and men you want, that's not enough to hide a complete lack of story. The Secret Garden writer must have used up all her plot ideas in that last work.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Do, I Do: Episode 9

I almost wanted to strangle Ji An when she YET AGAIN put off telling Tae Kang about his fatherhood in episode 9. I can understand her perspective (sort of), but really, at this point in the story I want some faster developments already! Luckily the sweetness at the park scene more than made up for it. The almost kiss and the foot comparisons was so cute. Unfortunately, it was weighed down by a number of nonsensical and painful to watch scenes, which is tarnishing an otherwise good story.

Marvel Superhero Movies: Thor and Captain America

I've gone through a spate of Marvel's superhero films lately, with the intent of catching up for The Avengers. The first two on the list include Thor and Captain America. While CA was a decent flick, Thor was appallingly bad, which you can read my thoughts on below.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Queen In-Hyun's Man: Final review

I know there was a lot of antagonism at the end, both with the last-minute plot twist and RL love confession. It made me delay the watching of both episodes 15-16, as I feared both the angst and the silly reveal. However, having just finished them, I have to say I remain highly satisfied with the series and its conclusion. Yes, there's some logic-suspension required, but since this is a time-travel series that requires a level of that anyways, I didn't feel my mind stretched beyond believability. In fact, I liked the ending, with its perfect turmoil and sweet resolution.

I Need Romance 2012: Episode 1 Thoughts

I was pretty excited about this show, because even though I never finished the first INR, I liked its fast-paced and mature storytelling. The only problem there was that I never once sympathized with the main couple and jumped ship the moment I learned about the ending. I was hoping Jung Yumi would bring a more mature and candid portrayal to the lead role, but unfortunately am not impressed after the first episode.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The K-drama Dress Code

One of my favorite parts of watching a drama is to view the enviably put-together looks of the characters. We usually can't take their outfits realistically, since even the poorest of heroines has a brand-studded wardrobe with matching bags. But it's still fun, and offers plenty of good fashion advice. Here are some of the recently aired or airing ladies whose styles I totally want:

I Do, I Do: Episodes 3-8

Episode 6 was where it clicked. I officially LOVE IDID, and it's inched above Big to be my most anticipated watch of the week. Prior to 6, I wasn't as excited for this show because our leads' chemistry was tepid, the plot rather mechanized, and there was no line of dramatic tension except waiting for the big reveal. However, both during and post-6, I started to adore Tae Kang, and we all know how great a drama becomes when we love the leading man and his budding relationship with a realistic and strong heroine.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dr. Jin: Episodes 3-4

This show continues to be true to its initial two episodes, offering plenty of medical grossness, dramatic sudden diseases, and stony-faced hero + morally upright heroine. But I like it, despite how poorly executed everything is. Unfortunately, our hero's acting hasn't been much to boast about, and he's much like a pale, moody, smooth-faced shadow next to our emotive heroine and over-emotive Lee Beum Soo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr. Idol: Movie Review

There's only one reason why I sat through this movie: Ji Hyun Woo, our to-die-for time traveler, who has apparently been in K-ent long enough to be starring in movies, yet a virtual unknown until now. And I think I know why. He's definitely always been cute enough to be lead guy material, but his non-In-Hyun projects have been, well, rather tasteless things. This film is unfortunately no exception.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big: Episode 1

I'm shocked, but this drama has hooked me and I'm excited to follow it. I haven't had much luck with Hong sisters stuff recently (bored to death by both Best Love and MGIAG), and usually I find their first episodes to be over-the-top, silly, and overall a thing meant to be forgotten quickly (e.g. the stupid running around the airport in You're Beautiful, then the bus and overall shrillness in My Girl, etc.)

I Do, I Do: Episodes 1-2

The pairing here does nothing for me, but this show has been fun to watch so far. Kim Sun-ah has annoyed me in almost every role I've seen her in (including Sam-soon, who got pretty screechy), but she's really toned it down here, presenting a mature, sensitive yet determined persona that I can really get behind. I haven't seen Lee Jang Woo before, but I do find him cute in a boyish way and refreshing to finally get such an immature boy lead.