The K-drama Dress Code

One of my favorite parts of watching a drama is to view the enviably put-together looks of the characters. We usually can't take their outfits realistically, since even the poorest of heroines has a brand-studded wardrobe with matching bags. But it's still fun, and offers plenty of good fashion advice. Here are some of the recently aired or airing ladies whose styles I totally want:

1. Kim Ha Neul: A Gentleman's Dignity

I'm not a big fan of the show, but I continue watching it because of the pretty. Kim Ha Neul is up there with Ha Ji Won on my list of the miraculous 30+ year olds that look terrific. KHN also has a step up on HJW in the fashion and hair department (at least in my opinion). I mean who else can wear white jeans so awesomely?

While her character is fairly insipid, her style is impressive. A casual, relaxed but perfectly mature wardrobe. She's supposedly "dressed down" but still manages to look fantastic, with perfectly parted long hair to match. Things I love about her ensembles:

- The scarves: You'll notice that whenever she's wearing something plain, she'll pile on a pretty, colored scarf. My favorite is the black-and-white polka dot one, which is just the right balance of classy with lovely. I noticed that Kim Sun Ah had a similar version, only in pinky-beige and black, in I Do, I Do. Personally I like the white more.

-Pretty jackets: Lots of gorgeous pea coats (forget red coats - I want a blue one!). Also love the bag she has. Anyone else noting the trend towards understated but well-constructed messenger bags lately?

-Dresses: Pity the red dress was simply a story point, because it was lovely. Nice idea, and I'm sure many ladies jumped on it to find their own Mr. Red String of Fate.

2. Lee Min Jung: Big

Her character is somewhat too immature for my liking, but I do think her style is very fitting to her persona. Very youthful, campus-casual. I like how she manages to look good even in what appears to be the plainest clothes (sweaters, collared shirts, etc.).

The trick is in the details, with eye-catching embroidery/designs, paired with the right shoes (and of course LMJ's general prettiness).

I like how the bright colors are not only perfect for a summer drama, but also are reflective of her character's inner childishness.

Can I just add I want that polka dot trench?

3. Yoona: Love Rain (70s era)

Let's make it clear - I loved her style when she played the 70s version, but wasn't nearly as big of fan of what I saw in the modern incarnation.

70s lady had an elegant, understated but lovely charm in what she wore. It was also not so much the clothes as the bags. I LOVE her pink bag from the first episode (a Korean brand, ~$200 USD). In fact, she gives me the biggest case of bag envy, because each piece was so perfectly coordinated with what she was wearing.

Modern version came off sloppy and messy, which doesn't inspire much. For the sake of character consistency though, at least her 'mom' had continually terrific fashion, which I will strive for when I'm 40.

Online goodies this reminds me of:

There's definitely more ladies that come to mind, and these were just a few of the recent ones that really caught my eye.


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