I Do, I Do: Episode 9

I almost wanted to strangle Ji An when she YET AGAIN put off telling Tae Kang about his fatherhood in episode 9. I can understand her perspective (sort of), but really, at this point in the story I want some faster developments already! Luckily the sweetness at the park scene more than made up for it. The almost kiss and the foot comparisons was so cute. Unfortunately, it was weighed down by a number of nonsensical and painful to watch scenes, which is tarnishing an otherwise good story.

Eun Sung has definitely crossed into annoying clingy territory. Every time I see him I get annoyed, especially in the opening sequence of 9 when he strolled up in his trying-too-hard-to-look-cool unbuttoned shirt and serious face. Uhhh I don't know about you guys, but he's way too old to be doing the sexy unbuttoned look, and frankly it just makes him look a bit sleazy.

I'm also not sure why Ji An keeps humoring him, such as when she skips lunch to go over to his office and see that farcical play he puts on where he pretends to switch doctors, not the mention the reappearance and AWKWARD interrogation at the cafe (the boob-massage was far more creepy than funny). If I were her I would've punched the guy for the waste of time and lost opportunity for a hot young date (Tae Kang) and delicious food. It annoys me that Ji An continues associating so closely with this dumbass, even if I understand it narratively (he needs to provide some rivalry so Tae Kang can show his sad face and sad wandering).

Regardless, I have little patience left for the man, and the sooner he butts out the better. Sigh, if only there was actually a chance for him to be gone soon (aka a non-prescriptive K drama script).

Also, coming from a medical family, I definitely don't buy that bullshit on how no other doctors will take her in. Even the most committed doctor isn't going to hound you for your appointments and essentially throw away a patient and their associated money for no good reason except that the mom is busy. Frankly I'm insulted, because it seems to imply that all mothers to be should just throw their entire lives away for a full 9 months (not even including all the post-birth requirements). I know plenty of working moms in high-level positions who are faced with worse situations then this (think of weekly cross-continental traveling, days out from home, etc.), and I can't think of a single doctor who would be so callous as to refuse service because they have lives and jobs outside of pregnancy. I'm calling Eun Sung's bluff on this ("I'm the only one who can see you" my ass), and if Ji An had even a bit of common sense she would go to a clinic without this creep.

Don't even get me started on that "best friend" who pretty much does nothing but shut down her "friend" in every conversation. First the whole calling her the "least suited woman to be a mother" and now this aggravating smirk when Ji An asked for another doctor. I would think her, with her personal vanity and flirtatiousness (remember that bar scene in the early episodes?) would qualify as far worse "mother" material than Ji An, whose only fault is commitment to her career. The fact that Ji An has to bribe her with handbags and shoes for her to do anything is clue enough into the true shallowness of their relationship.

I think I'm starting to understand other people's frustrations with this show, even after my rave review of it post episode 8. The writing is so inconsistent, one moment mature and sweet, the next frustrating and limited. The side characters are all incredibly 1-D so far despite attempts to juice them up (i.e. the friend with her monologues on the wonders of motherhood). You can't have them put on the mask of wisdom for one scene, only to tear it down with selfishness and childishness in the next.

I actually do like Se Ra, despite how shallowly she's written and portrayed. I think the key here is that she hasn't done anything annoying yet, and is actually pretty cute when paired with Tae Kang. I don't want them together, but I can respect their scenes together. My only fear is that the reason they're making her so nice is because they're planning for an ending whereby Tae Kang and Ji An end up with their age-appropriate matches instead of each other. I can understand that as perhaps a necessity in reality, given that she's about to hit menopause and he's still in his 20s, but I have no support for that type of ending in this drama. Leave it open if you have to, but please don't cop out last minute from your premise and from viewers' expectations.

The mom scene was a highlight of this episode, especially since the previous time we saw her wasn't in such a pleasant setting. I love that someone is finally giving Ji An their full-hearted support, and while the mom is still a weak character on her own, it's nice to see that her concern for her daughter ultimately wins out.

Tae Kang and Ji An are now my sole reason for watching, especially Tae Kang. Who wouldn't be moved by his tears and signs of honest emotion?

I am, however, disgusted by that unnecessary and frivolous cross-dressing scene. Yes, the actor is one good looking dude, but is there a need to make him WAX and put on scary makeup to show some point? I'm still both confused and disturbed. It's a good thing I like Tae Kang so much, or else that alone would have put me off him. His "girliness" is a nice foil to Ji An, but no need to take it so literally. Putting on perfume is one thing, putting on heels is a whole different beast.

Please drama, don't tank yet. I'm still willing to give you a chance to redeem yourself.


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