My Favorite Drama OST Tracks - Taiwan / China

And now for part 2 of the Drama OST series, Taiwan / China. See my previous post on Part 1, Korea. Taiwan drama tracks are more deeply rooted in my heart, perhaps because I started my drama watching experiences here, and can actually understand what they're saying. Thus, you'll see the span of these reach further back in time than with Korea.

It's also the one country whose OSTs I often like even without watching the show. A lot of these are actually from dramas I either didn't like or stopped midway through, but the music is good enough to where I want to keep listening and watching.

Qing Fei de Yi by Harlem Yu
Drama: Meteor Garden

  • Absolute classic. It's the kind of song that doesn't really seem all that great when you first hear it, but upon repeat during viewing you suddenly realize how beautiful and perfect it is (and amazingly fitting for the story). Still a great, mellow track that takes me back to the days when I started my drama craze 

Quietly (Jing Jing De) by Harlem Yu 
Drama: Silence

  • Harlem's other great drama piece, imo. His smooth, soothing voice, matched with such a bittersweet tone, was just perfect for the story and one of the reasons why I obsessed over Silence for so long (a show that I'd probably now have trouble watching even once, and unthinkably twice as I did). The MV is still beautiful to watch though. This was Zai Zai at his height, imo.

Is this All by Vanness
Drama: Material Queen

  • As much as I dislike this drama and Vanness, the song is pretty catchy. So are most of the instrumentals from the show. Of course, whoever did the music had a tendency to reuse the same freaking tunes over and over until I almost became sick of them, but that's ok. At least the selection was good. The MV, on the other hand, is almost as stupid as MQ. It's Vanness with the worst wardrobe ever while overdramatically swaying his arms like some mock conductor. Ugh.

3 inches of heaven by Yan Yi Dan
Drama: Bu Bu Jing Xing

  • I never finished the drama, but want to every time I hear this (as well as the lovely Season of Waiting). So beautiful and sad! I know I'd be in tears if I watch the actual ending. It's also really rare for me to like a song without following the drama, since usually I only follow song because I loved the drama. This one broke that rule.

Just Tell Me What You Want by Xiao Yu
Drama: Summer x Summer

  • The lyrics are what got me. They start off absolutely hilarious:
    • You say you want me to like you
    • I'm sorry, I can't because I have eyes
    • Oh, you're so annoying and you look strange
    • If you continue to follow me, I'll call the cops
  • Despite the disdaining opening lines, the song itself is actually incredibly sweet, and a perfect fit for the drama. Admittedly, the lead girl was pretty annoying and the story predictable, but somehow I still managed to enjoy this. I'm convinced a large part was owed to this opening song. 

Love Around the Corner by Show Luo
Corner with Love

  • I absolutely loved Show after this drama, a love that sadly hasn't been renewed since. He has such a beautiful voice, and slow pieces like this really bring it out. A song for all ages, as even my parents like this one. 

Love's Courage by Megan Lai

  • Corner with Love had one of the best OSTs I've heard. Almost all the songs are appealing and fun to listen to. The opening and closing are still the best though. While I'm not a fan of Megan Lai (her vocals are fairly limited and she almost always plays bitchy characters), this song is very catchy and cheery.

When You Turn Around by Megan Lai

  • The only other song of hers I like. It repeated so many times in Silence that I inexplicably developed a fondness for it. I don't like how it's all quiet up until the chorus - as if she couldn't sing well enough to really vocalize the other parts. But the chorus is good enough to make up for that.

Lose by Chang Chen Yueh (download here)

  • I do regret wasting hours on Love Contract (and geez were Mike and Ariel young in this, looking back now), but it at least had a pretty good soundtrack. Shining is also a great track, but this is by far the catchiest and my fave (and was so hard to find online). The opening song by Fish Leong was actually far too melancholy for my tastes, especially given how this drama ends, and turned me off to the artist for a while, but I can appreciate it more now. 

Loving You by SHE
Drama: Down with Love

  • Down with Love is one of those dramas I love but easily forget about.  The soundtrack was overall fab though. I'm not a big SHE fan, but I think they really showed their abilities with this track.   

Just Want to Depend on You by Jerry Yan
Drama: Down with Love

  • I find it strange that the usually grim-faced Jerry would sing something so... fluffy and light. But he does it well, and this is a great mood-lifting, immediately addicting tune. This drama made me fall for him all over again after Meteor Garden. 

New Home by SHE and Fahrenheit
Drama: Romantic Princess

  • I hated this drama, and didn't get more than a few episodes into it. Angelica was such a whiny little twit, and even Wu Zun's great looks couldn't compensate for the sheer predictability and lack of originality in the plot and characters. But I loved the opening song, and the MV that goes with it. SHE and Fahrenheit should've collaborated more. 

Come a Little Closer by Lara 
Drama: ISWAK

  • Lara's voice is like a little girl's here, but it matches exactly with the lyrics and drama. The instrumental versions of this in ISWAK were also pretty epic, and are probably what made all the big scenes so much cuter and sweeter. I think the reason why I couldn't get through TKA is because the music was so mundane by comparison.

Practical Joke by Wang Lan Yin
Drama: ISWAK

  • Again so pretty, albeit much more serious. This takes me back every time I hear it. 

Meet by Ariel Lin
Drama: ISWAK

  • I still remember this is the song that marked their transition from highschool to college. Normally I dislike the random insert songs in Taiwan dramas, but this one was actually good. Ariel has a really clear singing voice, and the song itself perfectly embodies that uncertainty and moodiness of change and growing up. 

No Ifs by Fish Leong
Drama: My Queen

  • This was the song that helped me get over my aversion to Fish after Love Contract. Gorgeous and moody. Reminds me of the wonderful Ethan from this drama every time I listen. It helps that he guest-starred in the MV. 

The World I Want by Kingone
Drama: Why Why Love

  • This remains my favorite out of both Rainie and Mike's combined dramas. They had adorable, realistic chemistry and so many cute yet substantive moments here (unlike Devil Beside You - shudder at the cheesy shallowness). Kingone Wang isn't my favorite boy actor by a long shot, but he did a pretty good job singing this opening song, which is immediately catchy and fun.

Wan Mei Bi Li By Rainie Yang
Drama: Why Why Love

  • This played in all the trailers for WWL, and really made me want to watch the drama. It's so adorable! 

Head over Heels by Show Luo
Drama: Hi, My Sweetheart

  • This drama was super messy and made no sense (I couldn't even finish it), but the early parts were addicting and adorable. Show with his mushroom hair and geeky dress was so cute! He really needs to do more dramas. This opening song definitely contributed to my desire to keep watching. 

The Habit of Thinking About You by Xiao Yu
Drama: Honey and Clover

  • Another one of those shows I started and quit midway in episode 1. As much as I love Joe, I couldn't bear the thought of sitting through this again. The chorus for this song is pretty much exactly the same as in the song below. 

Let me Sing a Song for You by Chinese F4
Drama: Meteor Shower

  • Ok, I swear this song is ripped from The Habit of Thinking About You. Maybe they just copied from each other? I've no idea why it's so similar. Regardless, it's a pretty piece. 

Enjoy Being Lonely by Chen Qiao En
Drama: SOP Queen

  • I had high expectations for this show, which episode 1 failed to fulfill. However, this track remains fun and lively, pairing perfectly with the trailers. I had no idea Chen Qiao En could sing, and while this isn't exactly a challenging song, it makes for a fun listen. 

Don't Cry by Cyndi Wang
Drama: Love Keeps Going

  • I only saw half of episode 1, and it was enough to make me stop. However, this opening piece certainly is pretty, and along with Honey, is one of my favorite tracks by Cyndi.  

Zero by Alan Ke You Lin
Drama: Mars

  • I watched Mars shortly after Meteor Garden (for obvious reasons). I never finished the actual drama, but loved the opening. Kind of a moody, bad boy vibe song.

    Let me love you by Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou

    • Barbie has such a pretty voice here, clear and sweet. Zai Zai is ok, but together they sound lovely. I thought it was picture-perfect when the two started dating, and although I'm sad it didn't work out for them, I will always think of them when I hear this song. 

    Final, part 3 will be...Japan of course! 


    1. You should give Queen of SOP another shot, it gets better... the first episode was pretty weird.... especially the very first scene


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