Nice Guy: Post-Episode 14 Thoughts

I'm not as excited about NG as I would like anymore, which disappoints me. It's still a gorgeous drama to watch, but I'm just not feeling the characters and instead getting bored by the amnesia + schemes. Not to mention, episode 14 felt like torture to watch - all the irrational stubbornness, the screaming, crying, moping, combined with the wastefulness of food and glasses...

Truthfully I never really liked Eun-Ki, despite adoring Moon Chae-won and really seeing the character's potential early on. As I mentioned before, I fail to comprehend her instant Maru-love, for it came across more shallow than meaningful. Since that's become the entire crux of her character arc, I'm consequently far less invested and empathetic in her memory woes. The whole tomato vs. milk scene this past episode didn't win her any favors either, as she literally transformed into a petulant, spoiled brat that stirred my antagonism more than any of Jae Hee's schemes ever have. Seriously, GROW UP!

Because this is a K-drama, she will of course regain her memory despite the brain-damage and then we'll have the necessary fall-out and misunderstandings. I'm not comprehending why the characters around her are one minute trying to help her regain her memories, and the next lying to her face about them (ahem Joon Ha). Jae Hee at least is open with her, and frankly I JUST WANT HER TO RECOVER ALREADY. Right now I don't have the patience to see her beat-up Maru more, because frankly he's suffered through enough without her having to put more guilt and misunderstanding on him. Let's just get that ordeal over with and move on to better things, please?

I also confess that one of the reasons I loved the earlier episodes was just watching Park Shi-yeon as the riveting, icily manipulative antihero. Yet her plots have gone from complex and convincing to Queen of Reversals-level shallowness.

Planting a USB? Telling her minion (who I find among the most ugliest presences to grace my screen since Asahina) to do the dirty work? Dressing as if to holler "I'm the bad person" in each scene? When the villain becomes as simple-minded and crazy as the mentally-damaged lead girl, that's when we know there's a problem.

Maru is thus the only character I can somewhat sympathize with now. But that's because he's got that stereotypical odds-against-him arc going on, with a hematoma, a martyr-complex, being misunderstood by the girl he loves, and of course, being irrationally, rapturously in love with the lead girl for unfathomable reasons. Literally, I'm still reeling at the speed in which he went from using Eun-Ki to being head-over-heels. I know it doesn't make sense, but since it's Joong-ki I'll give it a pass. And since neither of their love-developments make sense, perhaps that's how we know it's meant to be?

The directing remains perfect, and I will watch the show more for its beauty and less for its logic by this point. I'm really trying to care more for Eun-Ki, but the girl needs to start doing something to win my favor besides being a pitiful amnesiac. 


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