Snow White and the Huntsmen

Wow was this a strangely plotless movie, despite being so pretty and having such a kickass trailer. I didn't want to believe all the online reviews about how not-good this ended up being, but unfortunately they were right.

I wanted to like this primarily because I wanted to see Snow White end up with the Huntsman. Who wouldn't want a masculine, awesomely strong yet kind guy like Chris Hemsworth over the anemic-looking prince? 

And we kind of get that. Kind of. Mostly we just get some scenes of the two traveling together (not in a sexy way) and a kiss out of the blue and a couple stares at the end. Very sad at the missed opportunity. 

The director undoubtedly knows what looks pretty, as he takes ample opportunity to hammer in beautiful, if slightly pointless scenes. For example, the walking in the sunset to the stag scene, all the CGI with the queen, the shots of the castle and the war shots. But again, almost all of them serve NOTHING for the story, as even the dumbest of viewers can probably realize. Pretty is as pretty does?

Charlize was magnificent in her role though, and appeared to be earnestly trying to add seriousness and true acting to an otherwise superficial film. Her queen was believable and creepy, her appearance going from beautiful to horribly aged. She practically embodied bitterness, contempt, and mad determination.

Kristen was better than in Twilight, and I could practically see her trying to act in every scene. Her face unfortunately doesn't allow for much in terms of emotional nuance - you get extremes of every emotion. The performance wasn't cringeworthy, but I'm willing to bet another actress could have taken this role much further than she did.

I did love Chris in it, making this the first role I've seen him in where I get his appeal. He was perfect as the rugged yet secretly kind and complex guy. I wish his role could have been written with a bit more depth (as with every role in the film), but he was properly swoon-worthy. Regardless of how little sense it made, I got very excited when the kiss came about. Although I am still confused- so did she wake up because she loved the Huntsman, or because she shed her second tear? Is this like 49 days in reverse?

I am excited if they're making a sequel though, if only to see Snow White and the Huntsman really and truly end up together. My biggest fear would be if they try to stay true to the fairy tale and have her be with that boring prince. Or make this into some tragic love story with the huntsman dying at the end. NO.


  1. Snow White is a real take charge kind of gal in this modern version of the classic fairy tale. Charlize Theron puts the nastiness in the Queen who has craves eternal youth with some real issues with Snow. The Prince takes a backseat to the Huntsman who becomes a mentor to Snow. This is a darker movie than "Mirror, Mirror". I don't know if younger kids should watch this.

    Kevin Elwood


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