Drama Resolutions for 2013

In honor of the New Year, here are a few resolutions for both my drama-viewing and this blog:

1. Learn to drop appropriately - meaning to identify when a story will suck early on and move forward quickly from there.

2. Be more positive and accepting of drama stories - that doesn't mean I won't call bullshit when I see it (ranting is half the fun of blogging, right?) but I will try to open my mind while watching to see if a story might sweep me along despite my overactive thinking.

3. Compose more series reviews, especially of formerly-aired dramas - I've moved away from those recently, but am hoping to get back on top of that soon. Meaning, doing full-on, detailed drama reviews complete with plot synopses, character reviews, and commentary much like my initial posts.

4. Post more regularly - Pretty self-explanatory. It does take time to write good posts (I find that otherwise I half-ass them), but I'd like to improve upon both my post quality and quantity.

5. Branch out my reviews to shows from a range of countries - really, by this I mean a more equal distribution across Korea, Japan, China/Taiwan, and America. Sorry guys, but I have no intention of picking up dramas from the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. since there just isn't enough time or interest on my part. I've neglected Chinese dramas this year, but am eager to pick some up, especially since my Mandarin could use the help.

With that, I look forward to an even better year on this blog! Can't believe it, but I think it'll be two years soon. Thanks everyone for reading!


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