That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episodes 4-7 Thoughts

I'm making this post mainly to state I've decided I like fauxcest. Yes, it's oddly perverse and I don't care to see it in real life, but in a drama it adds just that extra oomph factor that sucks me into the onscreen relationship. It makes what would otherwise be just a cute almost-kiss or hand-holding into something temptuous and forbidden. I know some people are weirded out, but for me? I'm interested in seeing more, and hoping the deception goes on for as long as possible.

What really makes the incest-but-not pairing work is the actor chemistry. I'm at the point where I'd totally ship Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung in real-life, because they're amazing on screen and so very compatible. I even like the height difference, which adds some dimension to their interactions (like the bed-hugging scenes, the back-hugs, etc.)

It's the little things that get to me with these two. For instance, when he tells her heart-fluttering is a sign of liking someone and she admits that's how she feels around him. Both of them brush it off, but it's a clear message to the viewer that she's not exactly feeling just platonic around this "brother." Also that forehead kiss that he does so casually but sweetly. It seems a bit over-close for siblings, but that's also what makes it so great. Now all I'm waiting for is an actual kiss scene, which I hope she's actually awake during. That could stir up all kinds of great drama conflict.

I'm also wondering why melodramas get all the good directors. Or is it that slow melos are easier to film than more fast-paced, frenetic rom-coms and action shows? The scene pacing and filming style are so perfectly assured in this show. The camera movements are slow when appropriate, then suitably frenzied in tense moments like when she's looking for the pill. Both this and Nice Guy have blown it out of the park in terms of presentation, soundtrack, and general cast gorgeousness. But I definitely prefer this to Nice Guy so far, and honestly do feel it's the superior in terms of story and acting. Nice Guy relied on extremes to get its story across - extreme greed, extreme love, extreme cases of amnesia. Here, there are subtle layers to everything.

For one, the girl does not experience a complete personality change after meeting the guy (thank god), while the villain (Secretary Wang) has a mystery to her motives that makes us still question what she's after. I'll say she's a far more formidable villain than the gold-digging Jae Hee, even if they share a similar stepmom-ish relationship with the heroine. I mean, this woman potentially orchestrated a way to make a little girl go blind. BTW, is the woman who plays her the same one who played the crazy ahjumma in Wild Romance? If so, she's certainly carved a niche for herself as the older, unsettled bad lady.

As a side note, I'm sick of that cafe chat location. Every drama these days has one (seriously, think through any modern drama and there'll be a repeated cafe visit). I'm ready for a new set piece, and for side characters to start doing something besides being a barista.

Sadly, Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji are still far from impressing me in their roles. Both of them had some attitude problems in the last two episodes, which honestly didn't elicit much sympathy from me. They remain no more than the two lackeys, there to tag along on random roadtrips and to add further guilt and abuse to Oh Soo's predicament. I think the problem is they were presented so shallowly early on, and now the writer's trying to write some depth and darkness to them. Which would be fine, if I cared at all for either of them. But let's be real - this story is about Oh Soo and Oh Young, not about the two youngsters that happened to hop-on for the ride. Their moments are cute, but their chemistry is correspondingly shallow and lacking the layers of conflict inherent in the main pair. I'd prefer the story spend more time with our leads than with these two.

Happy to say this remains my most anticipated watch each week, again primarily due to the weird sibling romance. For the record, I also enjoyed Autumn in My Heart, even though just thinking about that show makes me depressed. Anyone have other good fauxcest recommendations?


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