I Hear Your Voice: Episodes 1-4 Review

This drama is amazing. Definitely my new weekly crack. I love the characters, the story, the actors, pretty much everything. It made me stay up to the wee hours marathoning all four episodes, because I couldn't stop after just one. I must add that I completely get the Lee Jong Seok appeal now. While it's unfortunate that he's now played the same character three dramas straight, third time's the charm here! The boy's gorgeous and talented, and I might just go back to School 2013 and High Kick to soak up some more.

I'm completely on the Su Ha - Hye Seong boat. There's just no question about it. How do you argue against the chemistry, the character compatibilities, screentime, and even the designated leading man status? While I have a soft spot Yoon Sang-hyun, his character tends to fade into the shadows behind Su Ha's adorable earnestness. Plus, Lee Bo Young is rocking the noona relationship with Lee Jong Seok, age-gap be damned.

Aside from the main pairing (which had better be the final one), I love the way the plot folds out in this show. There's no hanging onto secrets for hours here; we get zippy, almost unpredictable forward movement, which is so freaking refreshing. I love that she found out about his mind-reading in their first post-childhood encounter, and that similarly she spends no more than ten minutes suspecting his motives at the end of episode 4. While I fear the ex-killer thread will end up dragging through the whole drama, I like that the more fundamental story elements have been rapidly set.

The childhood scenes also deserve some kudos. I like that instead of playing the chronology straight, the drama teased us with a bit of the present day before jumping back. More shows should do that, because it cuts through the whole waiting for the adults phase and builds a better connection with the character.

In general, all the scenes have pleasantly surprised me, in that they usually play out much better than I expect. I enjoyed the seamless integration of their meeting: how for a moment you're only focused on the fireworks conflict, only to be thrown when the corner is turned and the car accident stands waiting. Kim So Hyun also keeps getting better and prettier with each drama. Despite being in so many shows, I've never felt bored by or unhappy with her performance - each is unique and done with such thoroughness despite the short screentime.

The only things bother me as of episode 4 are 1) how did the murderer get out with a sentence of only 10 years for homicide? and 2) Why was she clutching her heart after touching Oska's face????!! No, the ship had better not start moving that way! While the first is just drama logic I'll learn to accept, the second I fear is the start of something that I don't even want to think about. Please drama, eight years is nothing, so don't cop out!

Did anyone else laugh a little at the meta that is Lee Jung Seok and Oska? Yoon Sang-hyun looks so different here (in an adorable way that I hope stays the same), but then when we got to the scene of them meeting in episode 4 I couldn't help but awkwardly laugh. I totally shipped these two in Secret Garden, so yeah, weird rival pairing. But definitely looking forward to more scenes to come.


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