Let's Eat: Episodes 1-14 Thoughts

My favorite drama as of late has been the oddly addicting, food-porn filled Let's Eat, starring Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon Doo Joon, aka BEAST (I still don't understand the stage name, but going with it). It still has the mellow, slice-of-life feel that attracted me initially, but now the romance is taking center-stage and I'm pretty much hooked.

The story centers around a divorcee, Lee Soo Kyung, who slowly gets to know her two neighbors, a naive girl named Jin Yi and a younger insurance agent, Goo Dae Young. Soo Kyung is a major food addict and is always trying to go to new tasty restaurants. Conveniently enough, Dae Young turns out to be a food blogger that she idolizes and gradually develops romantic feelings for.

We also get plenty of scenes with her colleagues at a law firm, from the slightly dumpy manager to the two lawyers, a guy who's had a secret crush on Soo Kyung for 10 years and a hilarious woman whose looks are a subject of continual jokes. Props to the actress for playing the character with such honesty and gusto, and I personally love her scenes, which manage to keep within the bounds of being good-natured humor.

What I like about this show is that it's a far cry from the standard dramatics we see. There's no protracted misunderstandings, and characters manage to be funny yet realistic. I like all of the side characters, even though I could do with fewer scenes of the office manager.

Soo Kyung and Dae Young also have great chemistry, and their slow build-up from mere neighbors to a noona-romance has been believable and adorable. The episode 14 kiss was seriously worth every minute of waiting. It's a relationship that feels both innocent and completely adult. I'm impressed with the acting from both sides.

I even like the food porn, and have come to look forward to the ridiculous five-minute shots of everyone eating delicious food in every episode. Just be prepared for it and don't go in hungry, because this drama has no shame in milking the scenes.

The thing that confuses me is the tonal shifts we'll randomly get during the "stalker" mystery. First we had the "don't ask" assault cases, which was finally solved, only now to be replaced with the mail delivery stalker guy (who's apparently hanging out under Jin Yi's bed, which is creepy on a whole different level). I'm not sure what the point of this is, except to perhaps try to give us a dramatic hook to balance the lightness of the rest of the drama. I've been mildly entertained by the horror-movie mood of these scenes, but I'm hoping they at least try to tie this in a way that makes sense with the rest of the plot and also don't drag out the mystery / dramatics part of this. The previews for episode 15 also make me super wary.

What's frustrating is that this show only airs one episode a week, so it feels like I've been watching forever. It's both sad and a relief that there's only two weeks left until it finishes.


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