Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cunning Single Lady: Second-Lead Syndrome as of Episode 10

The last two episodes have done it - I've jumped completely onto the Seung-hyun ship. Unfortunately, it's clear that the drama is sticking to Ae Ra - Jeong Woo, but I'm going to soak up Seung-hyun's presence while it's here. As a character, he's just such a better fit for Ae Ra. He's self-confident and already understands her strengths and weaknesses in a way Jeong Woo still struggles to do. It's seriously regretful that she's trapped into the single-love-her-whole-life fallacy.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Wonderful Days: Episodes 1-2 Initial Impressions

Out of curiosity regarding the positive reviews and a residual love for Kim Hee Sun following Faith, I checked into the first couple episodes of Wonderful Days. To put it upfront, I have no intention to continue watching even though I can see why it's popular. It's a heartfelt, borderline makjang family drama with a huge cast and appealing lead characters. But it didn't quite touch me, and I'm not committed enough to sit through tens of episodes to see where this all goes.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cunning Single Lady: Episodes 3-6 Thoughts

The past few episodes of this show have in some ways confirmed my love for the show, but in others cooled my obsession with our divorced couple. Episodes 3-6 really dove into the many issues still resting between them, and honestly confused me in terms of whether getting back together is really the best answer. It's clear that both parties are very different people now, so it'll be hard to use their former relationship as an argument for the future. Additionally, the second-lead siblings were really given a chance to shine, and I'd almost be fine with an alternate pairing in the end.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Love from the Star: Hilarious Washington Post Article & Series Thoughts

I'm currently still a few episodes from the end of the exorbitantly popular My Love from the Star, but found this Washington Post article describing China's complaints on why they can't produce a drama as good as South Korea. It was too hilarious to not share. It's a question I've pondered previously, for given China's large drama budgets and greater number of producers / actors, why is there such a negative production differential? The interviewees of the Post seem to think the answer lies in censorship and claim that Korean dramas are at core a representation of traditional Chinese values (the latter's a bit of a stretch and frankly makes no sense). 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cunning Single Lady: First Impressions

Definitely made a mistake starting this drama so early in its airing. I adore Cunning Single Lady (aka Sly and Single Again) so far, and it's got all the makings of an addicting and fun show. I like Lee Min Jung's quirky heroine, Joo Sang Wook is the sexiest I've ever seen him, and I'm already getting a bit of second-lead syndrome. This is the first of the exes-getting-back-together shows I've seen, and I'm surprised by how well the strange plot device works here.