Friday, April 11, 2014

Mad Men: Season 6 Review and Season 7 Speculations

There's something raw and straightforwardly appealing about Mad Men. If I were to analyze each component of the show, I wouldn't necessarily be very impressed. But it's the combination together that creates an overall flawless, entertaining watch. Every scene feels so mundane in isolation, from the office politics to the domestic dissatisfaction, but combined are a heavy force that tie beautifully together. I'm quite sad that only 14 episodes stand from now until the finale, but am even more curious about how things will end. I predicted back after season 4 that there couldn't possibly be a happy ending given the rough circumstances surrounding Don, and I'm so far sticking to that thesis. The show is definitely not one that's afraid to go dark, and I don't think they will hold anything back in the final moments.

Hotel King: First Impressions

I was as excited as anyone else for the My Girl reunion, and so far the lead's chemistry is living up to expectations. Unfortunately the same can't be said for everything else about the show. There's a lot of politicking so far, with the typical melodramatic trappings of conspiracies, evil villains and overdramatics. Episode 1 was easily one of the worst Kdrama episodes I've ever seen, though thankfully episode 2 redeemed the show and left me interested enough to continue watching.