Marriage, Not Dating: Disappointed First Impressions

I know this show's been in vogue among all the rom-com fans, but at three episodes in, I've decided to call it quits. Something about this drama literally makes me feel exhausted when I watch. It might be the mile a minute nonsensical dialog, or the general lack of rhythm and logic in the plot and scenes. Regardless, I'm just not feeling it, and watching the heroine flail about tires me out. This is overacting at its finest (and most excessive), and while I'll give her some latitude given the overall silly story, I'm just unable to watch it any longer.

The story is one hot mess. It's such a jumbled mash of ideas and craziness that I have trouble taking it seriously, and consequently have been unable to build up any real investment in it. First off, I'm opposed to the overarching idea of a girl hooking up with one guy for over a year, only to move on to his friend. Yeah, first guy was a stupid jerk, but it just seems like basic courtesy to not be dating your exes' friends. 

Even more fundamentally, I'm still not seeing why they need to do a contract relationship. Why's mom so set on her son getting married? Why does the son need to get a girl to pretend to be intimate with him? It's actually not the worst plot logic I've seen, but I think the problem is there's so much suspension of belief required that it strains my brain to keep it all in. 

In terms of the leads, I'm surprisingly ok with Yeon Woo Jin's character, despite pretty much hating the actor for much of WAML's run. I'll admit that he's suitably suave and makes a charming lead, though he's definitely not enough to keep me going. My main issue is with the leading lady, who just freaking grates on me. She's constantly bug-eyed and doing ridiculous shit that, try as I might, I can't understand. 

I wasn't a fan of her from the start, when the show painted her as the crazy desperate woman in the hotel room. I see they've tried to lessen that image as the story's gone on, but the overacting has persisted, as has the general craziness. For instance, why did she decide it was ok to go drunk to her fake boyfriend's home in the middle of the night, only to immediately (and rudely) leave when the pretty boy gives her a call? DESPERATE AND PATHETIC. No, you're a grown-ass woman, get a hold of yourself and stop moaning to the nearest man whenever you feel "alone." 

That's about all I can say for the show. I went in excited to see this supposedly cute story and to finally watch Han Groo in action. I'm leaving with major disappointment and an annoyed tic at our leading actress. But if this is your thing, by all means keep enjoying. 


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