Trot Lovers: A perfect midpoint closure - Post-episode 8 thoughts

I was skeptical, but this series has well-exceeded my expectations, and took a turn for the sweet and adorable over the past few episodes. I'm even completely bought into the OTP and their comfortable chemistry. It's not often that I like both sides of a couple (as evidenced by my previous reviews), so it's a rare treat when it just works. Combined with the fun music (yes, even trot has grown on me) and the zany, humor-rich plot, consider me a complete Trot Lovers fan.  

I love that we've seen so much growth from our characters, especially Joon Hyun. He went from a reckless twit in episode 1 to a mature, self-driven person over the past few episodes. And best of all, the growth felt completely natural and true to his character. Similarly, his bond with Chun Hee grew out in a way that seemed entirely believable, like two people who learned to trust and depend on each other out of circumstance and mutual fit. They're so compatible with each other, from their comfortable banter to their natural concern for the other party. He also clearly belongs as part of the family, from his sweet friendship with Byeol to the daily routine we've caught glimpses of. 

The plot controversies are still fairly elementary and not really worth discussing. I'm also not sure what the point of Dad is to the story and why he has to stay away from his kids. How exactly does that help when the loan sharks are already latched on his daughters? 

I'm hoping the coming episodes won't overly delay our leads' reunion (e.g., I really hope there isn't a time skip), even if I do appreciate the tension that comes with a temporary separation. At this point, it's clear that Chun Hee is behind Joon Hyun in terms of the development of romantic feelings, so I'm sure the time apart will be critical in spurring those along. Even so, I'd rather see my leads not waste time angsting separately, and just hurry up and be a cute family again. 


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