Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hyde, Jekyll, Me versus Kill Me, Heal Me

I thought episode 2 of HJM was a solid improvement over episode 1, and it sealed the deal on my excitement for this show. I actually find HJM to be more addicting than KMHM at this point, and it's risen to the top of my to-watch list for currently airing shows. It's mainly a function of tone, as I'm much more swept into HJM's dreamy, thoughtful ambiance than KMHM's more intense but exaggerated comic book feel. I'm also expecting HJM to give a more equal split in screentime between the "master" and the second personality, unlike KMHM's central focus on (the dreary wet mop) Do Hyun. Hopefully this means Robin will be with us as much as Seo Jin, and that we'll actually build up a true love triangle.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me: General Impressions as of Episode 6

I must say I'm really enjoying the multiple identities trend right now, and Kill Me Heal Me is a fascinating and fresh contributor to this category. I can't yet compare it to Hyde, Jekyll, Me given the newness of the latter, but I really like that we're not limited to two personalities here. I could just watch Ji Sung play the different identities all day long. In fact, my biggest complaint is that I wish they would give more screentime to the other personas, especially Shin Se Gi, rather than focusing so much on Do Hyun. At any rate, I'm looking forward to continuing to meet all seven identities, and can't wait to see what Ji Sung will bring to each.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hyde, Jekyll, Me: Episode 1 Thoughts

I generally enjoyed the premiere episode of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, although I agree with most of the criticisms that have emerged. This isn't a home run start by any stretch, but it's engaging and showcases a unique premise that I can't wait to dig further into. The whole crux of this story is that leading hero Seo Jin has Dissociative Identity Disorder (which I know is also tackled by Kill Me Heal Me, which I haven't seen yet), whereby his gentle alterego Robin will emerge anytime his heart rate surpasses 150. It's an interesting twist on the traditional Jekyll and Hyde tale, and I'm curious how the romance will play out given the conflicting men in one body.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Healer: Halfway Review

Even after having watched all the episodes to date, it surprised me to suddenly realize that we're already halfway through Healer's airing. For some reason this story feels so much farther from complete, and similarly my opinion remains unformed. I thoroughly enjoy many aspects of this show, including the secret identity, the intricate backstory, and the light-hearted yet ardent romance. Yet I can't deny that I'm still far from being in love with any of the characters, and many of the scenes (e.g., anything involving Moon Shik / Elder) bore me to tears. So this isn't either a rant or a rave, but something in between, much as I both love and dread viewing each new episode.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quick Movie Reviews: The Interview, One Day, Penguins of Madagascar

These past few weeks have been dedicated to movie days with family and friends, and I thought I'd try to spare you some lost brain cells by warning you clear of the following three: