I'm Going to Korea!

First off, I apologize for the sporadic blogging recently. I have so many shows on my to-finish list now that I'm not even sure where to start. The reason I'm not up-to-date isn't really anything special, just that I was tired of the whole week-by-week waiting game and also just needed a brief break to freshen up my mind. 

In very exciting news, I will be going to Korea for the first time next Saturday!!! This makes me ridiculously happy, and while I sadly don't anticipate any celebrity sightings, I do expect plenty of food, some cultural events, and of course good shopping (those product placement CFs totally work on me). I'll be there for over a week, and will be visiting Seoul, Busan, Yangsan, and Ulsan. Not to worry, I will take photos and blog as much of it as possible, so keep posted here! Click down to see the specific destinations on my itinerary as well as my food wishlist:

Here's the list so far of the specific spots on my itinerary:
  1. Jagalchi Market (fish market in Busan)
  2. Film Street
  3. Spa Land
  4. Shinsegae Department Store
  5. Tongdosa Temple
  6. DMZ 
  7. Club Octagon
  8. Korean Traditional Folk Village
  9. Samsung Museum of Art
  10. Namsan Tower
I'm going with a group, so didn't pick these sites specifically myself. I'm still working out where to visit for the couple days alone that I have, and if you have any recommendations please let me know! Also, I'm also making a list of foods to eat (mostly drama inspired, as you'd expect :P), which so far includes:
  1. Korean pancakes
  2. Grilled kalbi
  3. Steamed chicken
  4. Fresh raw fish from Busan (maybe even raw octopus?)
  5. Bulgogi
  6. Pork BBQ
  7. Sundae 
  8. Deokbokki
  9. Jajamyung
  10. Abalone porridge
  11. Braised pork feet
  12. Silk worm larvae (I saw this on a list of top Korean street foods and am too curious to not try)
Again, would love your advice / thoughts if you've ever visited Korea. Thanks all and be sure to stay tuned!


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