Sunday, December 27, 2015

Answer Me 1988: My thoughts on all the love angles and story so far

This drama's just such a breath of fresh air in a landscape filled with love-centric, cliche and melodramatic plots. It reminds me of In Time With You in that sense, as a drama that feels like it's populated with people that could truly exist facing real-world challenges. Similar to ITWY though the main weakness lies in the many varied lovelines, which are convenient at best and mind-numbingly drawn out at worst. But overall the series possesses this sense of authenticity and enrichment factor that I haven't yet found in anything else this year. It's a drama that makes you feel like you come out of each episode as a better person for having seen it. I don't recall having felt this way about either 1994 or 1997, perhaps because of their central focus on the younger generation and their mysterious, blood-pressure inducing romances. Here, I actually do feel invested in all of the characters, young and old. Note that here I'm only discussing what I've watched through episode 14.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Beauty Inside: Movie Review

The Beauty Inside has probably the most original premise I've ever seen a movie take on, which is why I decided to give it a shot. While there's no doubt that it's well-produced and acted, it ultimately fails to deliver the heft of emotion promised, and winds up feeling more like a montage of pretty scenes rather than a cohesive story. I suppose that's almost the inevitable result of combining a story about a body-changing main character with a director who's only worked on commercials - yes, it's prettily shot and perfect for screencaps, but there's little density of story and the moments remain no more than fleeting and superficial.