Whole Foods: Vegan Ice Creams Review

One of my great pleasures in life is sampling different snacks across various grocery stores. Not long ago, I decided to pick up 5 types of vegan ice creams from Whole Foods (a definite splurge, as vegan ice creams don't come cheap). Some were standouts, and some were absolute bombs, so here's my review of them for those interested.

Van Leeuwen's Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl

Van Leeuwen's has never disappointed me, and I'm a big fan of their various vegan flavors. For reference, I've had their Salted Caramel as well (delicious) and this time decided to try out a class cookies & cream. 

Much like their other flavors, this one was creamy and sweet, without the strong "vegan" flavor that other ice creams oft suffer. There were decent chunks of cookie pieces and swirls of sweet caramel. Overall would recommend if you're a cookies & cream fan.

So Delicious Dipped Double Chocolate Delight (cashewmilk)

This tastes very much like dark chocolate, which I personally found refreshing. It does have a distinct cashew milk taste, but it's delightfully creamy and I didn't mind it. In fact, I think this was one of my favorites of the batch - it's not very sweet, but it sure is tasty and satisfying if you love dark chocolate. 

So Delicious Salted Caramel Cluster

Compared to the others on this list, I would say this had the most "vegan" flavor of the batch, with a very strong cashew milk flavor. That said, it was still satisfying, and I loved the chunks of buttery cashews in the mix, swirled in with the caramel. It was among the most delicious mix-in flavors I've had, even if the base ice cream was just alright. The chunks and swirls were more obvious than the Van Leeuwen's, which I appreciated. 

Jeni's Sorbet Frose

Admittedly, this product feels the most like a marketing gimmick, and was the most expensive of the bunch at about $10 for the pint. All because it supposedly is a "frose" with frozen rose, but honestly the actual rose is so low on the ingredients list and so subtle in taste that it may as well be negligible. Trust me, you're not getting any sort of buzz from downing this product. 

That said, the flavor is a delightful fruity mix, with the right sweet and tangy notes to remind you of a warm summer's day. Not worth it for the price, but was fun to try and easy to consume. 

Ciao Bella Blood Orange

Time for the inevitable bomb of the batch - this was HORRID. Maybe I just don't appreciate the texture, but honestly it was like a crumbly shaved ice, like what sorbet resembles if you melt then refreeze it (aka completely not creamy and absolutely unappealing). 

Even worse, the flavor was absolutely non-existent - it tasted like a weak orange juice, with barely any sweetness and really not much of anything. Plus this was the second-most expensive pint of this bunch, ringing up at close to $8 for the small pint. Absolutely not buying anything from this brand again!

Let me know if you find these helpful, and if there's other products you'd like me to try. Also, not shown but some of my favorite sorbets include the Talenti ones, especially the Mango and Raspberry flavors.


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