Harry Potter: Harry / Draco Fandom Recommendations

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Alright, so I realize this is pretty random and probably more than a bit strange for most, but having been an H/D reader for years now, I thought it was about time to make a list of my favorite stories to share with anyone who's interested. No, this isn't everyone's cup of tea, and yes, most of these are mature-themed, but there's also brilliant work here, writing that enhances rather than detracts from the source HP books.

So with that:

Pre-Deathly Hollows works:

Underwater Light by Maya (aka author Sarah Rees Brennan) - unfortunately she removed all her fanfiction works from online after she signed her Demon's Lexicon contract, which I frankly think was a waste. I did email her and she very kindly sent me a PDF of her works, which I will certainly keep and treasure

Indisputably the best work I've ever read, and partly the reason why I'm at all a fan of this pairing. Maya is one of the inaugural HD writers, combining wit, imagination, plot, and incredible character development into each of her works. Yet UL remains by far her best piece. It's much funnier than the actual HP books, but still maintains every piece of the integrity of the true HP world. The humor is perfectly balanced with the darker, mature themes that pervade. There's no senseless smut, merely a beautifully, realistically developed relationship between two incredibly faulty boys.

I personally hate fics in which Harry somehow suddenly comes out as gay to the world. Here, it's not so much that Harry is gay as he is simply in love with Draco regardless of the fact that they're both boys. And it make so much sense as you read and watch the unfolding of their relationship, of how imperfect yet complementary they are for one another.

The Draco here is the Draco I'd like to imagine exists in canon, for here he remains so true to the original books but also is such a deeper, more realistic person. This is no two-dimensional villain, but neither is he sweet or kind inside. He's snide and deceptive, dark and sarcastic, hilarious and impossible to understand. Yet buried within all this are clues that there's so much more within him, and that he feels for everything far deeper than he'll ever reveal to anyone. And these are precisely the traits that our Harry falls for, and what we as readers probably will as well.

I wish this story had continued further on, even beyond the epilogue, for this is one where I hated arriving at the end, because it was so perfect that I wanted it to go on forever.

Good-bye to Yesterday by furiosity

I read this the first time a couple years back, and just recently rediscovered it. To my delight, it's just as wonderful to read the second time as it was back then. The plot features a Draco obsessed with revenge after Harry Potter betrays his budding trust and throws him into Azkaban. It's lyrical and lovely.

Nightingale by MICHI_THEKILLER 

This will be likely borderline disturbing for more sensitive readers. However, the character's were so thoroughly drawn that I could understand their motives and their thinking, and to empathize with the situations as they unfolded.

Nightingale is more like two stories in one. The first takes place post-war, with Harry visiting a child-like but adult-bodied Malfoy (the consequence of being tortured until he lost his mind). The second takes place in their sixth year at Hogwarts, as the boys begin a purely violent relationship that inevitably becomes something more.

It's one of those stories that you have to reread to really evaluate and understand what exactly happened. The two tales are perfectly interwoven, and the two Harrys and two Dracos so similar yet unbreachably different. Whether the ending is happy or tragic is a subjective analysis. When I first read it, I saw it as sweet and conclusive, yet upon rereading, I realized that it was far from that. Even though the two are finally reunited, you see that certain things won't ever be the same, and that Harry can never have what he truly wants.

Post-Deathly Hollows works:

The Empty House by Hollycomb

This story started out so slow that I almost gave it up. The giant paragraphs, the overly stubborn Harry, the slightly unrealistic set-up really irked me. But somewhere between the second and the third (final) parts it transformed (which seems rather late but trust me, it's worth it). Suddenly it was evocative and sensual and tragic. Draco and Harry finally formed as flesh and blood characters, their relationship dynamic evolved from childish mistrust to adult understanding. It's one of those relationships that you know won't end well, but is so perfect in the moment that you can't help but wish that time and the outside world would freeze forever for them.

Even now the story haunts me as I think about it. I'm glad I gave this a chance, and like most H/D fics, wish it were slightly longer or had a more conclusive finish.

Reparo by amalin

This is probably the 8th year H/D fic. The writing exactly evokes JK Rowling's simple yet engaging text and subtle humor. Harry's relationship with Draco progresses in a believable fashion.

I wasn't terribly fond of all the angst that comes along towards the end, notably the denials, the secrecy, etc. But they do fit in making this story become a tale.  


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